Thursday, March 25, 2010

We Finally Ordered a Trailer!

Yes, that’s right, we shopped around and finally decided on the best pop-up trailer for our family. We are having a trailer built for us. We got a Forest River Rockwood Freedom. We bought from Sun City Trailers in southern Colorado Springs. I only post the name of the company because the family that owns it was very friendly and found us the camper we wanted. They are close to Powers and Platte.

Why this trailer? We have three children that are growing. We need to upgrade to a new camper and we needed one that had 4 beds (so we could give the kids their own bed if needed). We chose one without the indoor shower/toilet. We may not camp in a tent but we have to draw the line somewhere. It does have hot water with an outdoor shower if needed. The front of the trailer has a ledge for storage. We will probably attach some of the bikes to this since we cannot fit 5 bikes on the car and tow a trailer.

The pop-up we used for the illustrations in Ricky Camps in Rocky Mountain National Park was generic. I wonder if Forest River would pay me money to use one of theirs in the book?!?! Ha! That reminds me, one of the questions that has come up regarding that book is the fact that some illustrations have a tent and others the trailer. Well here is the reason that somehow ended up not being in any of the text. Ricky and his family stayed in the trailer while Ricky’s friend, Annie, stayed in the tent. Unfortunately this was in my mind when I wrote the book but never wrote it out. I guess I just assumed that it was clear. Never assume.

We should get our new trailer in May. Now I need to clean out the old trailer and get it ready to sell. Plus we need to decide what we need to put in the new camper. Not everything that is currently in the trailer will go in the new one. We have a small grill that is no longer needed. The new trailer has an outside “RVQue” that connects to the propane on the camper. Most of the time we cook on the fire but sometimes a small grill becomes necessary when weather prevents the start of a fire.

Well I seem to have rambled about the new trailer and haven’t said much about writing. I already wrote a camping book. Maybe Ricky needs to return to Rocky Mountain National Park and see more of the park. In the camping book, he really didn’t venture out to see everything in the park. Every summer camp at Mueller State Park a couple of times. That is actually the location of my next book, Ricky Snowshoes in Mueller State Park. That will be my first winter adventure. My first non-adventure book is in its finishing stages. Ricky’s Colorado Christmas will be ready for proof copy soon. I think I’ll have to have a “Christmas in July” to promote the new book.

I will close this blog with wishes of a mild spring (no more snow) and an amazing summer. We are trying to branch out and camp in new places. Please comment on this blog of any great places you have camped in Colorado. Ricky would love to hear your stories!

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