Monday, February 15, 2010

What Kind of Trailer Do We Need?

This weekend was a very busy one, but not for writing. Our 1987 Coleman Sequoia popup trailer is on its last leg (or wheel?). Well, I am not willing to put the amount of money into it that is needed for it to be in better condition. So my wife and I started to shop around for trailers. We really don’t need all the special features that some of the trailers come with. And with a V6 Toyota Highlander, we don’t need a 5000lb brick on wheels to tow.

We looked at Colemans and liked the Cheyenne. We also saw a Forest River Rockwood Freedom that was nice. With our kids getting bigger, we’d like to give them their own beds. We don’t need the indoor shower or toilet, we don’t need a hotel on wheels (We do like “roughing-it” a little bit). So now we have to compare pros and cons and look at finances. I’ll keep you posted on what trailer we end up getting.

With a possible new trailer purchase, we have also started to look at the summer for camping locations. We always camp at Mueller State Park so we want to branch out to see other campgrounds in the state. We love camping in the trees away from big cities. I am an outdoors guy so I don’t really like camping where they have mini-golf and swimming pools. I’d rather have an out of the way place where the family can go on a hike and see and hear nature. It is nice to camp where you can get electricity and water. With a new trailer, maybe the battery will work and we can escape electricity for a while.

So this summer, hopefully Ricky will have some great camping adventures to share! Of course fires are a necessity because camping without S’mores just isn’t camping.

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  1. I highly recommend The Crags. The path up is interesting and you should save it for the heat of the summer as it is at a very high altitude. There is hiking, a creek, and lots of wide-open, wide-open. It is just as close and way less asphalt.