Sunday, November 1, 2009

Camping at Mueller State Park

Every summer, I take my family camping to Mueller State Park at least three times. One trip is just to start the summer, one with a bunch of my coworkers, and one the last weekend of September to see fall colors and celebrate my middle daughter’s birthday.
We always camp in our Coleman tent trailer. We were given this camper about 5 years ago. It is old and falling apart but we love it. When I sell my millionth book we’ll buy a new one. J Okay, maybe not. We don’t spend much time in the trailer. We change in it and sleep in it. Most, if not all, of the cooking is done on the fire. We eat outside as long as it is not raining too hard. We have had to set up the table inside the camper to eat a few times.
Mueller has many trails that we have hiked and biked. Now that my kids have gotten older, we have been able to go on longer hikes in the park. They even carry their own backpacks and water now. We like the short hikes to overlooks or water. We even have a traditional hike that is only .2 miles. Peak View Pond has many Salamanders in the larval stage swimming in the water in the summer. My kids also like to watch the blue dragonflies dancing from plant to plant. Around the pond, many ground squirrels like to run around, over, and through holes in the rocks.
At night, after we have cooked dinner, the kids take turns washing any dishes we have used. We then sit around the fire waiting for perfect embers. This means only one thing…S’mores! After we have roasted a few marshmallows and eaten a few S’mores, we add wood to the fire and get ready to stay warm. After the sun sets, it is fun to stare up at the sky and watch the stars come out. We also watch for satellites. We were fortunate in our September trip. Just as the sun went down, the Space Station came over us. It was so bright and we watched it slowly sail across the sky. Earlier in the summer my wife and I saw a shooting star. We sometimes get out glow sticks for the kids to play with so they can leave the campsite and play in the trees. It is nice to be able to see where they are. They also like to eat Spearmint Lifesavers. If you bite them in the dark, you can see sparks.
It was nice writing Ricky Camps in Rocky Mountain National Park. I got to share many of the reasons I enjoy camping. Why didn’t I choose Mueller for the camping book? I have already outlined Ricky Snowshoes in Mueller State Park. This will be my first winter adventure. As the last of the leaves fall off of the trees in my yard, I realize that winter we be here soon. I must get back to writing. I hope to have Ricky’s Colorado Christmas out this year. Have a wonderful holiday season!

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