Saturday, September 12, 2009

Author Fest of the Rockies 2009

Classes have begun. Soccer season is in full swing. My time for writing would completely be gone if I didn’t force myself to schedule some time. What helped me to find time to write, see my friends blog at
First I have a few updates. 1) Ricky Camps in Rocky Mountain National Park will have a second edition. The Chief of Interpretation and Education of Rocky Mountain National Park reviewed the book and said he was interested in selling in if I made a few changes. The changes are minor, and after I finish this blog I will make those changes and get them to the publisher. 2) I am continuing to work on Ricky’s Colorado Christmas. The goal is to have it written, edited, and all illustrations done by Halloween. I am not sure how realistic that goal is right now. But I need to get it to the publisher with enough time to have it ready by Thanksgiving for the Christmas sales. The wonderful busy life of a teacher, coach, father, husband, writer, etc.
October 2 and 3, 2009, I will be presenting at the fourth annual Author Fest of the Rockies. This writer/reader conference is held at the Cliff House in Manitou Springs. I get the honor of talking with kindergarten and first grade students about writing. Then the second day my writer’s group will have a panel presentation on the importance of have a writer’s group to be a successful writer. If you are interested in learning more, please go to
As I write this blog, the temperature outside is in the low 50’s and I start thinking about how the leaves will soon fall, Halloween will soon arrive. Then we reach a time when my family gets together for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. And then my favorite season of all… Christmas season. The cool temperatures we have right now, along with some Christmas songs I listen to from my computer, will help me complete the next Ricky book. It is funny how a few early elementary kids continue to ask me when the next book is coming out and why it takes me so long to write them.
Enjoy the beginning of fall! In two week I will take my final camping trip of 2009. The annual “fall colors” camping trip in Mueller State Park is a beautiful trip that our family always enjoys.
Time to help Ricky along with a corrected journey, a holiday book, and then a bicycle trip! Ricky wishes you all many happy adventures with your families.

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