Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy New Year!

2009 was a great year. I found my new illustrator, published a new book which got Rocky Mountain National Park approval, and almost finished the next book. Unfortunately the end of the school semester took away a large chunk of my time and I fell behind on my goal. Ricky’s Colorado Christmas ended up being placed on the backburner.
I have very ambitious goals for 2010. I will have three books completed. Now that I have put that in writing I will work hard at achieving that goal. I will finish Ricky’s Colorado Christmas soon, I’ll have Ricky Bikes the Front Range done by April, and Ricky Snowshoes in Mueller State Park done before winter. What about Twitter and this blog? Well, I plan to get at least one blog done a month. And I plan on “tweeting” (is that really a word?) periodically when I am writing or doing something writing oriented. If you want to follow me: and I’ll try to make them interesting.
Some of my blogs this year will be stories of activities I enjoy doing in Colorado. Let me finish this blog with one such story.
Over Christmas break I took my daughters to an indoor climbing gym. It was fun to see them at their different levels. My 15-year-old did a great job of sticking to the rocks all marked for a specific route (i.e. all the rocks with the blue tags for a 5.6 route). My 11-year-old daughter only chose a few rocks labeled for a different route. My 8-year-old daughter just chose rocks that looked good.
What was nice about this outing, was teaching them the proper commands. “On belay”,” belay on”, etc. We also went with my friend Rick and his two kids. It was nice having another adult along so I could climb a little as well. It is strange how weak my arms get when I don’t climb for a long time. Nothing brings a family together like a little exercise. I am looking forward to more outdoor activities this spring and summer.
I’ll conclude with “Happy New Year” and I hope you all have an amazing 2010!

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