Saturday, December 17, 2011

There is an app for Ricky!

I cannot believe it has been year since I posted a blog! Unfortunately I have not written the next Ricky Book. I have outlined the next three but I have been spending all of my time writing curriculum for an online Geometry class that I teach.

But I had to blog some exciting news! Today, my fifth book, Ricky’s Colorado Christmas, has become an app for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad!!! For just 99 this app will let you read the book or a narrator will read it to you. It is the entire book with all of its great illustrations. At the end it even has a matching game with many of the illustrations from the book. I believe all 5 of my books should be apps but they got the Christmas one out just in time!
Just go to where you purchase your apps and search for "Ricky's Colorado Christmas" from StoryChimes. If you like it, give it a great rating and then tell a friend!

May the holidays bring you
Lots of good cheer!
Have a wonderful Christmas
And an awesome New Year!

Merry Christmas!

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